Hi, I need help with the following questions for a 'pastimes, games & activities quiz'. All answers are related to various pastimes, games & activities. I've included some answers I've thought of for some of the questions, if anyone can please help me with the answers & clues I would be thankful for this help, thanks,
Cryptic answers: 1. Add 'N' and you've got an artist. Answer I thought:Operation
10. Results. Answer I thought: Consequences
15. Act - little fishes. Answer I thought: Dominoes.
16. Time piece - flog!
17. Two felines, visit my angle.
18. Means one - & more than one.
19. Me travelled to, was common one.
20. Handsort, 1 The Box.
21. 3. Takes revenge. Search.
28. Given up as penalties. Answer I thought: Forfeits.
29. A type of bridge. Answer I thought: Pontoon.
30. Type of bowler, definitive article, type of crockery. Answer I thought: Spin the bottle.