I'm trying to find death records of a specific person. This information was passed down for over 100 years, so some might be flawed. Her first name was Claire, her mother was born in Scotland and her father in Ireland. She had an older sister, but I'm not sure of any other siblings, there's speculation of a brother but I wouldn't include that in the search. I have reason to believe that they lived in England at some point and most likely Ireland and Scotland, but I'm unsure. She was born 1800 or later and died 1899 or before, being alive in the Victorian era (but it's unknown for how long) and she was under 30 when she died. She was never married, her mother died before her and she died before her father, being stabbed in the stomach or back. I also know how she roughly looked like, but I don't believe they had records of hair and eye colours. There are some stories and details I know of her life, but they most likely wouldn't be in records. Is there any way of finding her records?