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    Mar 10, 2013, 08:33 PM
    Question About Hindu Religion
    Dear All

    My name is Malik and I am from Hong Kong

    I am doing some research on religion factors, since I know there is Prophecy flow in Islam (Muslim), Judaism (Jewish) & Christianity (Christian). I would need a help to answer few question.

    Did any Prophet ever come in Hinduism?

    Is there is any concept of Prophecy in Hinduism?

    What is approximate age of Hinduism Religion?

    There one person called Mirza ghulam Ahmed Qaidyani ( He Born in India in1839-40) Who claimed to be second advent version of Hindu God Krishna , Are you aware of it , He Also Claimed himself as second coming of Prophet Essa ( Jesus) PBUH ,He also Proclaimed to be advent version of Prophet Mohammad PBUH , I want know is there any connection between Hinduism?

    Mirza Ghulam ahmed Qaidyani is declared a non Muslim in Islam in most of Islamic countries, and also Christian do not believe in him as second return of Prophet Essa, that mean both religion has rejected his claim, I would like to from Hinduism Point of view .

    Is there is any concept in Hinduism that Krishna will return again? Please advise you scriptural reference

    Thanks for your kind help


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    Mar 11, 2013, 02:17 AM
    There is not really one Hindu faith or set of beliefs, the concept of Hindu as a religion came from the 1800's when many different religious beliefs of the various parts of India were placed together into one group. So the group itself is made up of various beliefs, different gods. So if there is one group, even a small Hindu group that claims this, then it is a Hindu belief for that group. There is almost no one belief for all groups
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    Mar 17, 2013, 03:50 AM
    There was no prophet who invented or discover this religion. Hinduism or sanatan dharma is oldest existing religion more than 5000 year old. There is a concept of astrology and a old purana named as bhavishya puran is based on it. There are no such saint named mirza who considered as krishna incarnation.
    According to Hindu sacred books(veda and upnishad) next incarnation will be Kalki avatar. There are 10 avatars, Krishna was ninth and Kalki will be tenth. Hindus believes in lord Vishnu whom have taken these ten avatars. Hindus don't consider or believe in any such saint who claimed himself krishna.

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