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    Nov 27, 2011, 12:50 PM
    HI this is naresh
    My question is why Dr zakir naik always concentrate on one god, of course our hindu's also have one god but scientifical explorations of hindu scholars gave some scientific thoughts in the form of idols for each specializations as mbbs is one and there are many specializations in medicine. In the same way in order to make the scientific explanations goon through the masses they designed such a way. Like now you are using the channels to make pulicity to islam. In the same way the old indian scholars made the practices and the scientific knowledge in the form of stories, dramas, and all and in all of it their point to make people educated and aware of what they are worshiping and for why and how. Like vinayaka,siva,brahma,vishnu, and all many gods they are the technical and scientific and social forms. And they are made to give the people knowledge not to say all are gods. Unfortunately some people made them as gods and worshiping but they are not getting the basic reason and the explanation of that so called scintific (god's) actual explanations. And I can say that due to many invasions on india (we lost many scriptures and many scientific explorations that made by hindu's) and that made to forget the real essence of hinduism and made them to belief blindly. But in reality hinduism is the father of all religions I believe and the best practising of humanity and the science. Can you tell me why should I believe the new religion that killed the hinduism and made invasions on hindustan.
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    Nov 27, 2011, 12:56 PM
    Dr zakir Naik teaches from Islam which has one God, they do not teach that hinduism is a father of all religions.

    Islam shares a history going back as Christians do, to the Hebrew nation and the teaching of one God that created all things.

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