Hi. Iím from Hong Kong and Iím still learning English.

Thereís a problem when Iím trying to speak English is I want to be more fluent and I donít really like my Hong Kong accent,people say accent donít matter but to me the accent sound bad because itís very choppy and not fluent,thatís the thing about my accent I hate.Itís not the accent itself,is the choppiness of it.

The actually problem for me is when Hong Kong people trying to sound fluent,even if we ACTUALLY sound fluent and nice.Itís just kind of weird that fluent English coming out of a person with a asian face,it feel like that we are be like ďOh my English is so fluent I sound like a native speakerĒ which is annoying to other Hong Kong people.

So the only way to avoid this is we speak with a Hong Kong accent ON PURPOSE but I just hate it.

Is that a way to speak fluent English as natural as possible and donít sound ďforcedĒ?

Thank you for answering my question.