O.K. now is the time of year I need to take care of this. We moved into our house in Dec. of 2005, and for the past two winter I've had trouble with a downdraft in the small wood stove in the basement. Typically here is what happens after I got the paper and wood set up for a fire. I'll take a piece of newspaper and light it holding it inside the stove in the flue. After a few seconds(most of the time) I can hear the air rushing up the chimney and I'll light the wood and paper and everything is fine. However, when it is REALLY cold the downdraft is too much and I am unable to have a fire unless I pull the stove pipe away from the wall and set some paper at the bottom of the chimney and put the stove pipe back and quickly follow the steps above. It shouldn't be this much trouble should it?

The stove is fairly small and the stove pipe is 6", but it goes to a 11x7 inch chimney. I was thinking of putting 6" stove pipe [I]inside[I] the chimney, would that solve my problem? Any advice would be great.