I've searched a bunch of other threads that touch on this subject, but they don't quite answer my specific issue with circulation of wood stove heat. Most have said that with a forced air furnace system, the fan could be set to on, and that would circulate the heat. We're building a new house with in floor radiant heat. So there isn't air circulation throughout the house. EXCEPT, we are going to install an HRV.

Is the HRV enough to circulate the heat from the wood stove (air intake won't be near the stove, so no worries on carbon monoxide)? The house is fairly open concept. The dining room, kitchen, entrance and living room is all open. But there is a hall, with three bedrooms, and a bath. Another ensuite bath off the master bedroom. Anyway, to circulate heat from the wood stove, I've noticed a bunch of options. Some say install bathroom exhaust fans above the doors. Some say that might spread fire. Some say, to put a vent in the area above the door for passive circulation. I'm not sure what is the best here. Any insight? Thanks guys!