Hi all,

I recently purchased a house with an old Jensen wood furnace in the basement (I think Jensen was bought out by Ashley at some point). The system is connected to the oil furnace plenum and has a draft fan for the fire box, a distribution fan for pushing the warm air into the ductwork, a thermostat in the living area, and various sensors and other bits to manage when the fans turn on and off. I would love to use this thing but over the years the fan control wiring has been hacked at so badly that there is no hope of making it right again. The relays and limit switches have been disconnected and the fans had plugs put on them so they could be connected directly to 120VAC. I don't dare to even try using it the way it sits now!

I have a pretty good understanding of AC and DC circuits but I have never worked on a system like this. Is there anyone that has access to a basic schematic for this kind of system or could help me sort out how it should be wired? Or possibly point me towards a web site or someone that could help out (I'm in the Boston, MA area)? I can get part numbers if that helps.

Thanks in advance.