Hi Folks,
I have a basic Honneywell programmable electronic thermostat (Honeywell RTH221B) that I would like to use to replace the existing very basic and very old (turn knob type) thermostat in my apartment.
I read the install manual but it doesn't tell me where to connect the existing wiring.
The existing wiring is simple and consists of two thick wires that are connected to the existing thermostat: one red and one black.
The back panel of the new thermostat has 5 options as stated below:

Y -o o- Rh
G -o o- Rc
o- W

I assume that there are only two of these that correspond to the temp switch that I want my existing wires to be on, but which?

And finally, there is a jumper that can be set in either HG or HE position. But I guess that from the manual the jumper has something to with the fan operation (which in my system is systematic every time the 2 wall blow heaters go on.

Thanks for your help,