Hi. My heat pump fan motor died. I got a replacement motor and capacitor but the wiring is a bit different for the new parts and I was hoping you could help me sort it out. The old capacitor had three terminals while the new one has only two.

In the old setup, there were 5 wires to deal with:
Code :
brown:  motor -------------------> cap (terminal labeled "fan")
purple: motor -------------------> cap (terminal "0" or something like that)
black:  motor -------------------> circuit board (contactor?)
orange: cap (terminal "herm") ---> somewhere else
red:    cap (terminal "0") ------> somewhere else

By "somewhere else" I mean this wire goes somewhere other than the cap or the motor, so it doesn't seem too important for this job. If it is, let me know and I'll happily provide more info...

The new motor has two wiring diagrams printed on it. The first is:
Code :
brown/white --------> cap
brown --------------> cap
purple (common) ----> L1
black --------------> L2
green --------------> ground

The second is labeled "optional 3 wire connection":
Code :
brown/white ---> insulate
brown ---------> cap
purple --------> cap ----------> L1
black -------------------------> L2
So my questions are:
-What are L1 and L2?
-The optional 3 wire connection looks more similar to the old setup--should I wire it this way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)