:confused: My new AC condenser fan motor has an extra wire and a different type capacitor. What do I do with it?

AC is a 1998 SEER 12 Rheem. New motor is an A.O. Smith 1/8 HP 208 RPM 208-230 volt.

Old Emerson 1/10 HP motor has 3 wires, black, brown, and orange. Which was connected to a Amrad 3 terminal (one white two black) mfd +/- 10 capacitor(round at the top cylinder shape). C = herm white cap fan lower value. New A.O Smith motor has 4 wires, Black, brown, orange, and brown with a white stripe that came with a new 2 terminal (2 white) 5 mfd Rotom double 370/440v oval capacitor. Does anybody know where the wires go? It appears both capacitors will be used. And if so where does the extra capacitor mount? Can anybody help me out? Also the new motor has a much longer shaft. Do I cut this to the old motors shaft length?

Thank you :)