Hello, I am installing a Miller Moble Home furnace in my New garage to house stray animale for the winter months as my wife and I are sorry to see so many animals turned out into the cold and snow.. The question I have is this.. Is there a professional that may know how to properly wire a moble home furnace unit up? There is a regualr 110 plug from the motor, there is a white and a black wire protruding from the side of the unit that appears to run into the door safetyu switch.. There is a terminal bar on the side of the blower motor with the letters T T F F with a screw at each letter.. The model is a CFH 80 AG Miller.. I have looked tiresly on the internet for a diagram with No results.. The "Man" who sold us this furnace stated it worked perfectly only to discover upon instalation that the Fuel Injector unit and nozzel assemble wasn't even there... No good deed goes unpunished.. I would be MORE that appreciative for any assistance with the wiring of this unit... I need to complete this task so we can begin to house strays before the snow flies.. Very respectfully, Jeff