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    Wiring a Honeywell Focus Pro 6000

    Asked Jan 19, 2008, 05:21 PM 1 Answer
    I have a Carrier Heat Pump (about 5 years old) that had a non-programmable White Rodgers thermostat 1F59-11. The configuration of wires for the old thermostat are as follows:

    C = blue wire
    G= green wire
    R = red wire
    O = orange wire
    W= white wire
    Y = yellow wire
    L = empty
    B = empty

    The new thermostat is a programmable Honeywell Focus Pro 6000 (universal)

    The designation for wires are as follows: I connected the wires as indicated

    L = left empty
    E = left empty
    AUX = white wire
    G = green wire
    O/B = orange wire
    C =blue wire
    Y = yellow wire
    R = red wire with jumper left in to Rc
    Rc = jumper left in from R

    I have connected the wires as shown above and get only the fan (auto or on) and the thermostat will say "heat on" but the outside unit never engages and no heat is produced. When I put back the original thermostat, all works fine again. I really question the position of the white wire (I have tried it in other locations). Any help would be appreciated very much.

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    1 Answer
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    Feb 18, 2008, 03:58 PM
    Ihave a honbeywellpro6000 6220,my wiring is as follow

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