Ok... here we go.

I just changed to Condenser Fan motor on my Coleman AC unit. With the new motor I was told to change the capacitor. The old capacitor is a 3.5uf and the new 7.5uf 370vac.

My problem is: The old capacitor is round appox 3" tall. Has 3 places for wires. On the left are 2 wires (one brown, one gold) the brown one I believe goes to the compressor and the gold up to a black square box. The right one has one red wire the goes to the main switch. The third one is goldish and goes to the condenser fan motor. The new capacitor is small and oval. It only has two places for wires.. a left and right. Each one of these places have 4 tabs for connections. Where do I connect each wire off the old capacitor to the new one?