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    Oct 25, 2016, 05:05 PM
    Wiring a 5 wire OFM correctly with CPL130433-01 Defrost board?
    Last June I bought an old house; last winter I noticed the outside unit freezing up- defrost cycle not working. I recently purchased a new board (CEPL130433-01) and downloaded the connection diagram. Some further investigation revealed that modifications have been made. The diagram shows a 3 wire condenser fan motor, but I have a 5 wire installed. My problem is that the defrost timer has only one wire connected to it (OF1) coming from a pressure switch (VPS) and there to the contactor. The fan motor (black wire) is not connected (OF2), but hooked up to the contactor also. The reversing valve wires have been cut and some are now connected to the wire to the indoor unit. Obviously, the defrost has been circumvented to get the cooling to work. Don't know if I have a bad reversing valve or a bad board or it has been wrongly connected. I have 2 caps- 1 5mfd cap for the fan and a separate dual cap 40mfd for the condenser. The fan side is not connected. I have searched high and low for the correct setup, but have not been successful with this particular setup. Can you help me with the correct setup?

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