Hello, we recently purchased Whitfield Optima 3FS pellet stove. The problem is that low/medium setting it stops
Dropping pellets and goes into default. It can burn for 6 hours or 10 minutes. When the flame goes down, it goes into
Fault. We have our stove vented into our existing chimney. It was cleaned by a professional chimney sweep that is also
A Whitfield dealer. The 3" pellet stove pipe is new. The electric eye has been cleaned. The dealer also services the
Stove and made a repair call. He found a loose wire on the photo eye and reconnected it. The draft is good. Firebox is clean. We are using Turmond pellets which is suppose to be the best in our area, and they are new pellets. He also
Set the draft and checked the connection on the vacuum/pressure switch. We can restart the auger by turning the power switch off and then back on and it will eventually repeat the process of not dropping pellets. Any Suggestions?

The problem is exacerbated when the stove has ran for a few hours and is hot.