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    Jun 17, 2010, 03:53 PM
    Where can I Buy a Mears Model M7 thermostat cover
    I lost a factory thermostat cover for the Mears Model 47. Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement?

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I just replaced a MEARS thermostat for my electric baseboard heat that would only operate in the full on or full off position. In other words "all or nothing". I put in a new MEARS M 612 and wired it the same way the old thermostat was wired. This also agreed with the schematic that came with...

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I have a late 60's home with electric coil heating in my ceilings. Each room has their own thermostat, my master b. room came on unexpectingly last week. What kind of thermostat will I need to get? It is heat only. I will tell you I am ignorant to any kind of electric problems. I just don't know...

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We have mears thermostats controlling ceiling heat - of the 11 in the house some work marginally- the mears number on the thermostats is M22-DP - 22amp/double pole - Is there a programmable replacement for the mears antiques? If so a purchase site? Thanks

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Mears thermostat looks like model M70 or 7D - double line break.. in new rental unit making a head splitting high pitched whining noise every time heat is called for. It's an oldie. When I tap the metal sheet insisde the outer face plate it stops. Resumes again next time heat is called for. ...

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Hi! I am a property manager for an older apartment complex. I am desperately searching for some MEARS thermostat knobs. I do not have a model number. The thermostat is an off white color. I need to know how I go about ordering extra knobs, as many of the apartments are without. If someone...

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