In 2006 I had a problem with my central Air and heat, the A/C started having lots of condendsation which ran into the floor and then the A/C quit. I got a repairman who replaced an electrical thing on it and it started right up, worked fine and the condensation had stopped. I used it until about 2 weeks ago when the condensation started again but the A/C was working fine otherwise. I was told that the drain hose was stopped up the reason the condensation was going into the floor. I removed the drain hose, flushed it out and put a lot of water through it to make sure it was clear. When I reconnected the hose all the coils started frosting and freezing up. Cool air came out of 2 vents but nothing out of the others. Turned it off to let it thaw out, turned it back on and same thing. Looked at the outside part and it was frozen inside it. (Compressor) It was not doing this before I cleaned the hose. I have it turned off right now to let it thaw real good but don't know what else to do or why this has happened. Any suggestions?