Valve was installed 2 or 3 years back and has worked find. I can light the gas pilot light and it has stayed light for days. I has a little yellow in the flame. When the heater is turned on via the thermostat, the valve supplies gas to the main burner, it ignites and the pilot light is either blown out or shut off and the valve shuts off. I installed a new pilot thermocouple but the valve acts the same way.

I have down loaded from White-rogers information on the valve. There are two screws that regulated the pilot gas and burner gas pressures. My water tank get gas from the same gas supply and it works find. I am guessing it may be the 24 volt AC transformer or sensor that turns on the air mover. Historically the burner comes on an heats the ducts. When it gets hot enough the air mover fan comes on.

If anyone can give me direction, how to troble shoot what is going on it would be appreciated.