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    Dec 20, 2016, 08:07 AM
    True blue 90 tech 4 furnace shows primary limit circuit open on diagnostic led
    Burners light and blower fan doesn't kick on. Unit shuts down after 30 60 seconds

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True blue furnace shuting off on t-stat but blower keeps running, limit switches check good. Shuting off power and turning back on results in normal operation. Doesn't happen all the time, what can I check next

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I have a true blue 90 tech 4 furnace, it has had off and on problems with the pressure switches, and the control board was replaced last year. Starting last night only 1 of 3 burners is lighting, the burner closest to the pilot. The furnace ran all night long just to maintain 60 degrees. Any idea...

True blue 90 tech 4 furnace [ 1 Answers ]

I need a draft inducer blower motor for this unit, where do I find one?What company brought them out so I can contact them or is there a universal one that will fit.

True blue 90 tech 4 furnace? [ 3 Answers ]

My furnace will start up like normal, burners light. It runs for 45-60 seconds and then shuts down, blower motor never turns on. It has worked fine for the past few months then tonight this. I have cleaned and cleared the condenser and checked for any other blockages I can think of, so now what...

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Consolidated furnace about 9 years old. I was informed that my heater isn't working so when I looked at the codes on the furnace I saw the light blinking 4 times which meant air circ.problem so I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in and it fired up. I let the unit circulate about 4 times and...

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