Hi Labman,

I had a bad relay (LY2 24 VAC), so I marked the wires on piece of paper to take it off and install the new one. The problem that I lost the paper somehow and I don't have a clue how to install the new one. I know that the I/p is 120 VAC and the o/P 24 VAC. How ever I have 6-wires should be connected to the transformer, and it seems like the colors are not right coded. I have a gray thick wire is coming from the pressure switch, thick black color is coming from the inducer, thin white color is coming from a pannel,thin black wire is coming from other panel, thin red wire is coming from the other 24 relay(or contactor), and finally a red thick wire I can't track it. I know that 24 vac should go to the TH-W on the S8610U module, and the 24 ground as well. However, I don't know which is which. The thin white and black wires are on the side of power supply, but are connected to interface board. Please, send me a wiring diagram or reply to me how I connect this 24 transformer as soon as you can because I have two babies and I can't afford bring some one to repair it. Thanks a lot