Trane XL90 - Second blower motor failure in just 3 years... Could someone please check the model numbers of these two motors & verify that the Marathon motor installed in 2009 was an appropriate replacement for the original GE? If it wasn't a good match I really need to know ASAP, because they used the same model number for Replacement #2 -- Add to that, I'm hearing noises at start-up that weren't there before this last motor change!

Orig. motor was a GE 5KCP39SGP964AS:
3/4 hp, 4 speed
115 v
60 hz
10.5 amps
1100 rpm
Cap 20.0/370

Replacement was/is a Marathon X1009:
3/4 hp, 3 speed
115 v
60 hz
10.2 amps
1075 rpm
Cap 15.0/370

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)