Hello! I'm in serious need of a new a/c unit after ours died this past weekend. It was a 4 ton carrier, 9 seer, 14 years old. We've gotten 5 quotes & are seriously considering between 2 companies based on quality of prior installations (that's what I hear is most important, not price). All 3 companies have given bids on Payne, Carrier & Trane. Trane of course being the most expensive.

All bids are considering 4 ton units at 13 seer with the new 410A refridgerant & programmable thermostat. What I am looking to get feedback on is what someone in the industry not bidding on our job would recommend. Are any of these systems quieter? Do any of them require less repairs on average & are any of them worth the higher $$$? We live near Orlando, FL , so we need something that cools well. Also a factor is that we are planning to move in the coming 2-3 years so we won't be at this house long enough to realize a savings by getting a higher seer rating.

The bids we have gotten thus far are as follows:

Payne $4400.00
Carrier $4900.00
Trane $5100.00

All systems include new lines. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to confirm bid & purchase tomorrow 10/17/07.