I had a carrier Thermostat that I broke while moving a book case. I quickly bought a Honetwell Thermostat from Home Depot but am now confused about the wiring. The old Carrier had the following terminals:
[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]White (W/W1),
Yellow (Y/Y2),
Green (G),
Red (R),
Black (S2),
Brown (S1),
Orange (HUM) and
Blue (C).
I used Gas heating and electric cooling,there is no heat pump. This thermostat used to warn me when the filters needed cleaning - never paid attention to it and reset it after cleaning by pressing two buttons (could they be terminals S1 and S2?).

The new Honeywell has the following terminals: B O G Y W Unused R and Rc.

A Honeywell phone rep said that I only need the White, Yellow, Green, and Red.

Can someone help?
Thank you.