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    Aug 3, 2008, 12:55 PM
    Soot and carbon monoxide
    During the past few months I have fainted I believe it maybe something to do with my gas fire. Here is the reason why. In the past during the early fall and late spring when I have not wanted to put my central heating on, I have used my gas fire. On some occasions, I have left it on all night because my house is a stone cottage and can be very cold first thing in the morning. What gave me a clue that it was the fire that maybe the cause is that once the summer came and I did not use the fire, some mornings I will come down stairs and find soot is covering my hearth. This I realized happened when it has been very windy. It occurred to me that adjacent to my house is a high wall that intersects at a right angle with my house. The exhaust pipe from my fire is in a very protected area from my house about 2 ft from the intersecting wall. If you can imagine leaves blowing the area, how they twirl around in a corner, I realized that the exhaust from my fire when it is windy was being redirected back into the house through the pipe. I immediately had the fire disconnected because I had experienced fainting episodes and I was not going to take any chances, I stumbled onto this site and I was reading about soot and its effect with carbonmonoxide, that it has set me thinking. Is it possible, that even though the soot will be cold in the exhaust pipe because I have not had a fire on now for a couple of months, could that soot that is coming back onto my hearth, via the wind, contain carbon monoxide; if it does, it may explain why I have fainted. Does anyone have any answers. My health is perfectly good
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    Aug 3, 2008, 02:11 PM
    Hi, cobblestone!

    Greetings and WELCOME to the site! I just moved your question that you had posted in Introductions to this topic area so that it would get the most exposure to those who are best able to answer it. Hopefully, this is the most appropriate topic area considering the nature of your question. Anyway, it will be much more likely to get noticed here. Introductions is for people to introduce themselves and we try to not ask questions there.

    We would appreciate it if you would return to Introductions sometime to tell us a little about yourself though, if you would be willing to do that.


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