I have two York HVAC systems controlled by Honeywell T8001C thermostats. I live in La Quinta Ca. where the summertime temperatures consistently exceed 105 degrees. The air conditioner that cools the bedroom areas is set to start cooling the rooms at 8PM which are typically at 85 degrees, the set temperature is 76 degrees. I have noticed on two occasions that the unit shuts down and the display indicates 79 degrees and the snowflake icon is flashing which indicates that the Minimum Off Timer has been activated.This timer assures that the compressor will not come on again for at least 5 minutes after it shuts off. My question is: why is the compressor shuting down before the set temperature of 76 degrees is reached. I clean the fins on the outside AC unit once a month and the unit has no problem attaining the set temperature on a 105 degree plus day. Could it be that the compressor is overheating because it needs a charge of Freon or some other factor that I am not aware of?