Just moved into a new (to us) home with a goodman furnace model gms80904bna and the furnace will never ignite on the first attempt. In the beginning, it would use up all 3 attempts and shut down. Power clear, and it would finally fire up on the 5th (total) try. This is what I see... Once the hot surface ignitor lights up, I hear the gas valve click open and what seems like nanosecounds later the ignitor goes out without the gas being ignited. When it does work, the burner/flame is strong, stead and of the proper color. I had HVAC dude look at this problem and he cleaned the flame sensor with emery cloth and added a 14GA wire from the burner assembly to the I-beam/conduit of the home. What I also have noticed is that while it is in daliy duty, it will always catch on the 2nd try. If its warm for a few days, it takes more tries to catch. One more thing, where can I find a manual for this model??
Thanks in advance!!