Dear hvac-talk man,

I love your website and your use of the Word of God, and I could use your advice about my heat pump system.

I have a quote from a private HVAC company for a Trane 3 ton 15 SEER Heat Pump System with a variable speed indoor unit using R410A, and the equipment warranty is 10 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

My old unit is a 22-year-old Trane that has run well until last year. (I read, off the air handler, that it is a BWH730A00A1, Electric Heater-208OR, 1Ph, 60Hz, Motor H.P. 163, Fl Lamps 2.1, bolts 200-230).

I want to sell my condo, (more like need to as I have been laid off), but it will speed up the sale if I replace the old-troublesome HVAC system. My one-floor condo is in Mass. And is 945 sq.ft. with 5 windows. The quote is for $7,360, and I trust the guys who made the proposal.

I am going to get a quote from Sears on a Carrier and another private HVAC co. (don't know the make they will quote.) I am thinking about asking Home Depot to give me a quote too.

Do you have an opinion about Sears, Home Depot, Trane and Carrier, and do you think the $7,360 is a good price for the Trane that I mentioned above?

Thank you so much for your help!