Our unit is a RHEEM Classic and was manufactured in 2000. Model #RAMB-048-JAZ

The outside fan never turns off. The inside unit runs as it should and cycles on and off appropriately and the A/C cools great. The problem is that we have to go out and remove the disconnect (breaker) outside in order to stop the fan from running. As soon as we plug it back in, the fan starts right up even if the thermostat is set to OFF. Today we replaced the thermostat at the suggestion of a HVAC tech friend. (Does not live close enough to help out hands on) and this did nothing to solve our problem.

We have replaced the outside fan motor, the fan capacitor, the fan relay and the main relay. The compressor cycles on and off and you can see the relay pop in and out as it should. The only thing left outside is the compressor (which is seemingly fine) and the run capacitor. The new fan had to have it's own capacitor instead of being wired to the old capacitor. The old capacitor now connects to the compressor only.

We are out of ideas and so is everyone around here. Please let me know what else we can provide you with in order to troubleshoot. Thanks in advance for you help.