Hi. I'm looking to replace my Honeywell T8411R thermostat which runs my heat pump (NFCP3000C1 by International Comfort Systems) with the White-Rogers 1F85-277 Programmable Thermostat. My issue is that I'm not 100% sure how to re-wire the new thermostat.

The current wiring on the Honeywell T8411R is (have not removed from wall yet):

G - Green Wire
C - Blue Wire
R - Red Wire
W1 - Jumped to "Y"
Y - Yellow Wire

W2 - White Wire
E - Jumped to" W2"
O - Orange Wire

The White-Rogers manual says "R, C, Y, W2, G, O/B, E, and L terminals for single or two transformer systems".

I'm assuming I match R, C, Y, W2, G. But what do I do with O/B, E and L?

Of note, the instructions from the White Rogers also say the following two things that I'm not sure of:

The O/B switch on this thermostat is factory set to the O position. This will accommodate the majority of heat pump applications, which require the changeover relay to be energized in COOL. If the thermostat you are replacing or the heat pump being installed with this thermostat requires a B terminal, to energize the changeover relay in HEAT, the O/B switch must be moved to the B position.

Do I just leave Orange Wire connected to O or do I move Orange Wire to B?

If your emergency or auxiliary system will energize the blower,
Then jumper, W904, on the thermostat base must be cut (see
fig. 1).
If your emergency or auxiliary heat system requires that the
Thermostat energize the fan circuit, do not cut jumper W904.

Do I cut the jumper or leave it alone?

Here is link to White-Rogers Manual --> http://www.white-rodgers.com/wrdhom/.../0037-6175.pdf
Here is link to Honeywell Manual --> http://customer.honeywell.com/Techli...0s/69-1037.pdf
Here is link to Heat Pump Manual --> http://icpindexing.mqgroup.com/docum...9601410601.pdf

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!