I have an older (1973) York furnace with a Honeywell S86E intermittent pilot. Am

Replacing the S86E with a Honeywell S8610U3009, as the S86E is obsolete. The

S86E has the following wire terminals: MV, MV/PV, PV, GND (Burner), TH-W, two

25v, damper plug and Spark. The newer S8610U3009 has the following terminals:

MV, MV/PV, PV, GND (Burner), GND, TH, one 24v, damper plug, Sense, Intern and

Spark. Although I can switch the MV, MV/PV, PV, GND (Burner) and Spark, am at a

Loss when it comes to remaining wiring. Old unit had two 25v terminals, new unit only

Has the one 25v terminal. Old unit had only the GND (Burner) and no GND. Old unit

Has a TH-W, new unit only has a TH. Am at loss as to where the extra 25v wire goes,

Are the TH-W and TH the same and what do I connect to the GND terminal. The

Sense & Intern terminals had a connecting patch wire when I received it, although ,

As old unit had neither terminal, I have no idea what their purpose is.
Could you please help me get this new pilot unit configured? Winter is here, and

Space heaters just aren't doing it.