I have a Airease (Lennox) G2D95CT - 080V16C-2 natural gas furnace in which the blower motor control has failed twice. 4 years ago the original control was replaced under warranty with this set up : Motor Genteq EON 5SEA39RL V5146 with Genteq EON HD02 3/4hp control module. This time the thermistor exploded but the motor tests OK.
So I want to replace the control module and located a used one (Genteq 3.0) which the seller assured me would work, however it had a 4pin low voltage serial input instead of the 16 pin from the main board. There is a 16 - 4 pin adaptor but Genteq says it is made only to convert from ecm 2.5 modules to ecm 3.0 and will not work with my eon.
I have found other control modules which are HD02 but with slightly different model numbers.
Does anyone know how critical the match has to be? Is the chip in the control actually programmed or is the program on the furnace main board?
If there has to be a perfect match with the OEM parts then replacing is impossible without reprogramming! But I read that most manufacturers use the same programming except for Carrier/Bryant.
If I try another similar EON module would it work but maybe not to the original specs or could it be damaged together with the motor itself?

BTW I am sure that the failures are due to old duct-work and restricted air flow - this high efficiency furnace was installed in place of a 30 year old model with the PSC motor. And this same company now wants C$1800 for the replacement motor which they say has no separate control module - probably the X-13 garbage, so this is why I want to get a replacement control for the still good motor.