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    Nov 4, 2006, 08:59 AM
    Please, Please Please, read this before you post a question.
    If you would include these answers in you questions we will be much more able to help you.

    Model number may or may not be helpful.

    Age of equipment:

    Efficiency: Natural draft, 90%, 80%.
    Plastic flue pipes are 90%, Metal flue pipe and a draft inducer blower are 80%, metal flues with no draft inducer fan are natural draft.

    Type of system:
    Heat pump, hot water, forced air, etc.

    Type of fuel:
    LP, NG, oil.

    Tell us:
    Does anything start. Any noises or blowers run when you turn it on?

    Try to turn furnace off and on at power switch or breaker.
    Did this do anything?

    Modern furnaces will lock out, either what's called a soft lock out or hard lock out, if it detects a problem 3 times.
    When this happens look for a diagnostic code on the circuit board. Typically a LED light flashing.

    I hope this will help speed up the process of you getting a faster more accurate response.

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