I recently had a brand new Rheem 4 ton/13SEER heat pump system installed in a new house. The outside unit (compressor) is set on a concrete pad in a corner so that the side clearance is 12" on one long side, 6" on the short side, and open to the outside on the other long side. The 4th side is a solid access panel. I mentioned to the installer that it looked a little close on the 6" side, and he said it was no big deal. Also the unit has about a 2" slope from side to side... so it is not level. He also said this was close enough..? I asked for the condenser paperwork and he said it was inside the unit..? At any rate, I need some re-assurance that the clearance and out of level condenser will be OK. I don't want to buy another one for a long time. Thanks! Donbunker