Ok... I have been dealing with this problem for sometime and with advice from this forum, I did have someone out here to take a look at it. Too bad that guy was a moron. So I am back with new information to see if someone who knows what they are doing can solve my problem without be having to pay people $100 bucks to make up things.

Here is my problem:

When I go to turn on my heat or AC, the thermostat clicks as if it is telling the unit to turn on. But nothing happens. If I turn the fan to on instead of auto (which should run no matter what) the thermostat clicks but nothing happens. If I go in my attic to my Ducane furnace and flip the breaker (a light switch connected to the unit) off for about 30 seconds and flip it back on, everything works great, until the unit switches off again.

When the repair man was out here the last time, I told him what was going on. He tried to turn on the thermostat and *click* nothing happened... Then he went in the attic and flipped the switch and everything started to work. He said, "Ok problem solved" when I said, "No, when it sits off for a bit, it will not come back on." He replied, "Well that is an intermittent problem that I can not diagnose unless it happens." I said, "It just happened!!" Well, you will have to have me back out when it happens again. And that will be $100 you owe for today and $100 for when we need to come back out!" Within 15 min of him leaving, I tried to switch it back on and *click* same problem. I tried to get him to turn around but he was going to another appointment and would have to schedule me for next week, at $100 inspection fee!" I hate getting hosed by people!!

So any thoughts on what this could be so I can get it taken care of, by another company the FIRST time they come out?!