Hi! This is a little long, please bear with me...

Two days ago we woke up to a very cold house, and upon investigation found that the pilot light on the furnace had gone out. Searched around, didn't smell much gas - so we tried to re-light it. Well, it lit and stayed lit (and we got the furnace and blower both running) but only for about 15 - 20 minutes. Then we couldn't get it re-lit. Every time we'd put the match in, the draft would snuff out the match. Even when we managed to get the match all the way to the pilot light, we STILL couldn't get it to light.

SO - after making a couple quick calls, we were advised to replace the thermocouple - a $7 part, sounds great! Well, we have since installed the new thermocouple and tried to light it. Absolutely NOTHING. It did not even ATTEMPT to light.

Our next plan of attack is to remove everything AGAIN and try to clean out the gas line orifice at the pilot light again (we're thinking that maybe it is fouled and therefore blocked? ). My question is this - what is the next most logical explanation after the thermocouple? Where should we be looking next (before I call someone out and spend hundreds of dollars on something we can do ourselves?

Our system is:

Intertherm (forced air propane furnace in a modular home)
Model # MGHA - 090AAPQ - 01

The house is a 1991 model, so I assume the furnace is of the same vintage.

When replying to me - please note that we have only had this place for 6 months and have NO prior experience with propane furnaces! ;)