I just read your post about your peerless boilers. Unfortunately I am having problems after only one year. I have the Peerless Purefire 110 gas fire. The unit will not reach set point temp and continually goes through "trial for ignition" cycles. After pulling the side cover off I noticed all the stainless steel threaded fittings were leaking. I called the supplier who I bought the unit from and found out that PB had a rash of units that were leaking water at all the SS threaded connections. I found out they stopped production of the SS fittings 6 months into production and offered a brass change out kit. Since then I've had a PB rep and tech come out and do the brass change over kit but never replaced anything else that the water may have gotten into. The unit still will not operate properly. I installed a new supply sensor that they gave me a 99% guarantee that would fix the problem but to no avail. PB tech support was rude and absolutely no help and said they can't help me and I need to go through the dealer. Now I am looking at replacing the $285.00 control module board hoping that will take care of it. I'm hoping they will send it to me at no charge but I'm not getting my hopes up. Do you have any insight that may help me? Thanks!