OK- I let our furnace run out of oil... furnace turned off. Tank showed 1/4full but guess it was wrong...
They filled our tank today while we were out... 178 gal.. Think it is a 200 tank so where that 22 gals went I don't know... the drain line to the filter is in the very bottom of the tank, not the side.

Anyway--- They filled the tank today and I came home to find a puddle of oil on the floor and a stream of oil flowing out of a pin sized hole in the copper tubing right after the oil filter. I turned off the value and mopped up the oil (less than a gal) and put cat liter on the floor to try to soak up what a towel couldn't get from the painted concrete floor.

I am trying to figure out if I have to run a whole new copper line from after the filter to the furnace (15-20 feet) or can I patch that little, itty, bitty, tiny hole with something... like gas line goop and wrap tape around it?
We live in a very little old house that we will probably get rid of in 2-3years... meaning tear it down. The A/C went this past summer. Furnace is old. Don't want to put a lot of money in the house but would like to have heat for the next 2-3 years...

Also any idea on how to get rid of the smell?

Did the leak come from the pressure when the filled the empty tank? Tank in basement fill line above.

Thank you so, so much for any ideas/ways to fix my problems!!