Live in the northeast and have a split house. I am not getting heat to the upper portions (bedrooms) of the home. In the past this has happened and I would drain all the baseboards until all air was out and this would be good for the winter. Did that this year for quite awhile on all b/r baseboard but no air came out and only 1 b/r had warm water come out of it (in the past this is the b/r at the highest point in the house and usually had the most air in the lines, this year no air filled up a 5 gallon spackle bucket with no air ever coming out and just warm water) all other baseboards had no air come and cold water. When checking the boiler, which is about 7 years old and never serviced yet (the installer said wouldn't have to be serviced until the tenth year), also have 3 zones in the system, the pipes feeding the 2 zones to the bottom portions of my home are hot to the touch but the pipes to the zone feeding the bedroom area are cold. Don't know if the problem is with the programmable thermostat or something in the /at the boiler. The thermostat is about 4 years old and is hardwired but still shows all the horns and whistles that it has in the past but when putting the heat up it does nothing to raise the temperature in the home but does show the heat going up on the thermostat itself. Also when having to change the settings on this model I have to hold the unit against the wall and play with it in order to change the settings (do not have to do that with the other 2 zones thermostats, both are programmable models too). Hope I explained myself correctly and thanks in advance for any help and advice.