How crucial is it to match the right capacitor to the right condenser fan motor? If you have the wrong capacitor, can this cause the motor to stop after running for a while, say 20 or 40 minutes? It would start up again, but would allways stop. The specs for the motor are: Emerson E-line, model no KA55HXPAK-7253, H/P 1/8, 208-230 V, RPM 825, HZ 60, AMP 1.0 PH, single phase? and a 5/440V 50/60Hz capacitor was fitted by the service people.
The motor would overheat and shut down after running for about 20 minutes. The problem is now fixed, after we had to buy a new motor, (and fan), after which this capacitor caused the same problem, after which we fitted the capacitor suggested by the retailer (turned out to be the wrong one, causing the same problem), after which we bought the capacitor that was CLEARLY indicated on the box of the new motor (after 5 days of troubleshooting! ).
I need to know whether I have good cause to take the capacitor back to the service people and ask for a refund. I feel I should get a refund on the entire service call, seeing as they did not ever check the specs of the motor before putting in the new capacitor. I am starting to think it was all planned, to have the wrong capacitor causing the motor to shut down so that they could potentially get more money out of me (they wanted to charge me 375 dollars for a new motor which I declined because we eventually bought and fitted it ourselves for about 120 dollars. (maybe this is just being paranoid but this is how I feel!)
Thanks to anyone who might reply.