We just purchased our home and have lived here all of 5 days. I woke up today freezing so I went to check the heat, It was set to go on if the thermostat read 68 or less. Well needless to say it did not go on. We are cold. The Maple Chase company is closed. The website does not even show our thermostat on it as they have changed to a Robert Shaw brand name but we need help with the Maple Chase thermostat.
We changed the batteries and followed the directions inside the cover. Each time we put in a new set of 2 double a batteries it would say Battery Low on the display until we finally went to the store and bought brand new batteries, put them in and sure enough it doesn't go on, no display shows up, and there is no reset anywhere to be found. The fuse is not blown and the fan works when in the on position but only blows cold air.
Can someone please help me figure out how to get heat in this house?
We checked the main fuse box also and everything is fine
The thermostat will just not turn on at all and no display is showing and with no reset switch it makes it hard to not get annoyed at this situation
The item number of the Maple Chase thermostat is 0960T-1
Thank you for any help you can give