I bought a basement condo a year ago and my neighbors heat pipes goes through my bedroom. Since the day I moved in his furnace has been making clicking and loud banging noises. Last year, we have had a couple of plumbers come in and they have bled the pipes and said that should take care of it. But it doesn't. The noise continues.

I live in a very old house that was built in the 1800's and my neighbor has an old furnace that I was told was about 15 years old. It is a gas hotwater furnace. This winter we had another plumber come in and once again he bled the pipes and added a solution that was supposed to pick up the rust from the pipes. Since that was done the banging noise has gotten even worse. The plumber said that the system could be really dirty which would be causing the noise so I have been bleeding the pipes every 3 days since and when I do it the water is completely brown full of rust. I have probably bled it myself three times since the plumber came. Is that normal? Should I continue to bleed the pipes in hopes that the banging noise will stop. Do you have any other suggestions on what I should be doing?