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    May 23, 2005, 07:07 AM
    Limit Switch - Pressure Switch
    Hello Folks,
    This weekend I've been playing with a heating system at my new apartment and I'm trying to figure out what the different componets do. I kind of followed the circuit but still have some missing links...

    1-There are some terminals on the furnace's circuit board labeled LIMIT. The wire goes through a series of small round sensors (temp, pressure?? ) around the burners, and finally to a sensor pneumatically linked to the forced vent blower. What are these for?

    2-I want to replace the current stat in the system. It's a manual one. I've seen several model around. Could you please recommend one to me? What about RiteTemp, I've seen some pretty nice models at competitive prices..

    Well, thanks for your help! Hope in the future I will be of help to someone...

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