I'm sorry but I don't know what brand of furnace I have.
so here's the problem... a couple of days ago I noticed my furnace was blowing cold air so I went to check to see if the pilot was out... well I have and automatic ignitor. So I carefully followed the instructions for resetting the furnace. Nope nada. So I check to see what the led light was saying... 4 blinks = open limit switch. Well that's so very helpful(not). After doing some research I found the limit switch. And cleaned it all up nice and shiny. Replaced it. Nope same problem. So I figured it was broken, this was Friday... found a wholesaler that has them, they weren't going to give me one... since I'm just a person but they sold me one. Yay.. run home replace it. Plugged that puppy in... same problem. Well, looky there THERE ARE 4 OF THE DARN THINGS!! OK now what!! Only bought one. Don't know if the place will sell me another 3 and its too late anyway they are closed. Now its Saturday. I have a friend come look at it... he checked the fuses. Don't know why the led said limit switch. Well he pulled one out and it looked weak not blown but weak. Put it back in and hurray everything is great!! Gas lit up... heat coming out. Whoo hoo. Yeah that lasted 15 minutes. Go back down same 4 blinking lights!! So he ran and bought some new fuses... put one in and walla heat again... but again... very briefly. And the same 4 blinks!! (they haunt me). Now I'm sure I could sit and turn everything off and unplug the fuse put it back in and get 15 minute increments of heat! But that would get old fast. Also my furnace is 13 years old and I just changed the filter... I admit the old one was pretty gross and could have cause the problem.
can anyone help... its cold :confused: