My 25 year old home needed new furnaces. The main floor is about 2600 sq ft and the upstairs 1000 sq ft. There is 2 HVAC systems, one larger than the other.
Yesterday we had them both replaced with Goodman 80% furnaces and upgraded to variable speed fan. We also got new compressors and humidifiers.
One of my complaints of our old Carrier system is the noise. Our family room and master bedroom are over the basement area with the furnace in it. You could hear the furnace more than any other home I had lived in.
I told this to the owner of the local HVAC company and he told me the new one would be much quieter. He also said one of the many benefits of a variable speed blower is how quiet they are.
The new system is even louder. When watching TV in my family room, I had to turn up the volume when the furnace came on. I woke up in bed last night from the noise of the furnace running. I am supposed to pay this guy today, but I am not happy. When I complained to the installer about the noise, he said Goodman's were one the louder types.
Because I was buying 2 complete systems, I was price conscious, and I know Goodman is a "value" brand, but I was not informed that I was compromising on sound.

What can you guys suggest I do? Should a variable speed blower be quieter? Is there any type of duct work or insulation that can help?

Thank you,

Northern, IL