I have an older model furnace from your company, here are the ID numbers to it:

Model Number HAS105B

Serial Number 158738

Other numbers on the unit show:

I seem to be having issues with furnace flames staying light.

The four burners light up, and then go out about a minute after the furnace is running.

The motor in here was a 1.6v and that went out so we put in a similar model with the horse power of 1.4 v--- the pilot light for the gas comes on and stays.

But even with the thermastat set at 80 the house is not getting warm.

Please can you tell me some other steps we can try to get the four burners where the gas comes through to stay lite up while the furnace is on?

What parts would we need to be trying to get to? And how to get to them in order to try to fix this issue?

Thanks and hope to here back shortly on my questions for further assistance.