I have a Janitrol furnace that is 10 yrs old. It hasn't put out near the force of air as it used to, and now it cycles out and doesn't bring the temp up to the thermostat temp. I have to turn the thermostat off and back on to get it to run more than once in awhile. It does do better if I take the door off the electronic air cleaner (never use it,only has regular furnace filter in it now). I think that helps it get more air or something,maybe helps it from overheating? Also, the condensation drain does not work properly, and you can hear the water gurgling inside unless you crimp the hose to let the pressure off, and that allows the water to come running out the drain.
I have been told it has probably ruined the heat exchanger. Does that sound right?
Also, I know that Janitrol has a program that lets you get a reduced price on a new furnace (and/or low cost or free installation of the new unit)from them in leiu of the getting the free heat exchanger under warranty, since I think they have changed them to be better.
Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.