My HVAC contractor identified that the draft inducer motor had seized on my Goodman furnace (this after he just replaced the blower motor this past April). I researched the replacement part after he gave me a quote and I would like to avoid his supplier's markup on the replacement motor, and possily the labor costs for the installation.

I have two questions for the forum. First, I am fairly handy with electric, having run electric for ceiling fans and other fixtures throughout my house, as well as having replaced the pump for the hot tub. Having taken a look at the motor within the furnace, it looks like a fairly simple (famous last words) procedure to replace it. Would you recommend that a do-it-yourselfer replace this motor?

Second, is there an installation manual for the motor? I do not have the Goodman model number for the furnace handy, but the inducer motor is a FASCO 7021-9087. I ordered a fully assembled FASCO A140 replacement motor, which, I'm told, is the replacement for the 7021-9087.

Thanks in advance.