I have 7 years old high efficiency furnace and new flow through humidifier. Problem is that I do not have necessary level of humidity in my house. It is never more then 26%, which is dry. Should be between 40-60%.
Everything works fine, water flows through humidifier every time furnace turns on but humidity level never goes up. Humidifier is installed on return duct and connected with hot air duct, with 6” flexible bypass tube. Every thing is installed according to installation manual. Air goes unobstructed through bypass tube into humidifier and then into return duct. At this point that air should be humid since it passed through wet grill, but I still do not have more then 26% humidity in the house.
I tried drum type humidifier as well and had same results. I can see drum spinning but it does not pick up the water. I even tried with furnace fan turned on all the time but same thing, no humidity. In desperation I also tried with 6” buster fan placed in bypass tube (to increase air flow) and had it ran for few days, no lack.
Finally I came to conclusion that high efficiency furnace do not provide hot enough air to evaporate water from evaporator pad or grill as standard furnace would. When I touch hot air duct of my high efficiency furnace it is much culler than my brothers duct and he has old furnace. Rum temperature in my house is around 24C or 76F.
My question is do HE Furnaces need special kind of humidifiers since they have shorter cycle time and they heat air differently than standard efficiency furnaces? I don’t remember reading anything about special “high efficiency furnace humidifiers” but everything I tried points to that possibility. Is there a bed link between HE Furnace and humidifiers or this is just happening to me?