I just purchased a "universal" replacement motor for my condenser fan motor. The bearings are starting to go out on the old fan and periodically they scream for about a minute when the a/c starts. The old motor had only 3 wires, black, brown, and orange. The black is connected to a brown box with 6 wires already connected to it, I believe this is a contactor, just a guess. The brown and orange are connected to different connectors on 2 of 3 prongs of a capacitor. The new has 5 wires... brown, brown/wht stripe, black, red, and white. The motor shows a wiring diagram for replacing 4 and 3 wire motors. On both diagrams the red wire appears to be connected to nothing, there is a line labeled RED LOW that goes to a small circle. For the 3 wire diagram it also shows a line labeled brown/wht that goes to a circle, again goes to nowhere. The black goes to a circle labeled HI, there is a line on the other circle that with an arrow at the end pointing to the top of the digram, this line is labeled "LINE"(?). The white wire goes to one side of a capacitor and the brown to another tab on the same capicitor. The drawing also indictes a leg coming off the white tha goes somewhere? The afore mentioned arrow points at this leg. Should a connect the new black to the same location as the old black... run the white to where the old orane use to go... run the brown to where the old brown use to go... and cap and tape off the brown/wht and red? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks